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Album Review: The Spill Canvas ‘ Conduit ‘

Nowadays with Fridays, we can expect to welcome new music and what better way to start off the weekend than with some new jams?! Lucky for us, we got another one coming at you this Friday, March 5th—killing their almost 9-year hiatus from full-length albums, the South Dakota-based rock band, The Spill Canvas, is releasing their newest album Conduit via Pure Noise Records. 

The album features 10 tracks making this a nice hefty record, not to mention it is also their first full length album in a hot minute. Lucky for me, I got to lend my ear to the album before the release. So, let’s dive into this review, shall we? 

The first thing I noticed about the album once it started was the unique vocals—I really dug the style and sound of how the lead singer sings. It is definitely unique and quite different from the vocal styles that I am used to hearing. A little bit of a raspy tone that still sounds just right melted in there with the catchy drum beats and unique guitar riffs. 

Some songs have that dreamy, melodic sound while others have a higher energy and rock a little bit harder. This mixture of styles will keep any listener interested and while also keeping their tracks on repeat. This album has a little bit of something for everyone out there, no matter their music style. Slow? Rocking? Dreamy? The Spill Canvas has got you covered. 

Make sure you check out their release on Friday March 5th via Purse Noise Records! I already know what I’ll be saving to my faves playlist ;). 

Check out the track list here: 

1. Architecture 

2. Firestorm 

3. Darkside 

4. Calendars 

5. Blueprints 

6. Cost 

7. Gallon 

8. Akathisia 

9. Molecules 

10. Conduit

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