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Album Review: Yours Truly “Self Care “

How is everyone holding up out there? Still trudging along through this pandemic? Same here! And unfortunately, I am still trying to get over the fact that concerts aren’t a thing BUT at least we still have new music being released. And that right there is something to keep looking forward to! Speaking of new music releases—today I am here to talk about Yours Truly’s new album Self Care. The Australian pop-punk foursome is dropping this gem on September 18th via UNFD and there is some expectation that this will be yet another breakout moment for the band especially since their most recent EP Afterglow has over 8 million streams since its release (DAAAAMN!).

The band announced their new album when releasing their single “Together” on July 7th. This single follows “Composure” which has already garnered over 300,000 streams on Spotify since its release in April and also continues to have tons of air time all around the world. More recently, the band has dropped their newest single, “Undersize” which came out on August 4th. All 3 of these songs can be found on Self Care and they are doing their part in gearing up fans and music lovers on what to expect from this fabulous new record.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait to listen—I got to have a sneak peek at the 10-track album this week. Now, if you know me, you know a good pop-punk album is my cure for anything and everything and Self Care is exactly what the doctor ordered. A solid alternative/punk vibe with that dash of pop to give it that all-around pop-punk feel. With lyrics that speak to you, killer guitar riffs, and drum beats that make you just want to bop your head to the music, this album can get you dancing around the room while feeling completely chill all at the same time. While all of the songs are catchy as hell—I think my favorite song on the album has got to be “Ghost”. I love the melodies and the lyrics really resonate with me (I have already listened to this one like 100 times). They even have an acoustic song on this album! You all know how I feel about acoustic songs AND it’s a banger.

The album also has a great flow—all of the songs mix together really well but have their own individualism and uniqueness which I think is an important aspect to any record. Each song makes you want more and you never know what you’re gonna get until the next one starts playing and that is the excitement I look forward to on a new album.

This is an album filled with high energy—I imagine their shows are buzzing, no one stops moving and it’s just all around fun. Hopefully when concerts exist again they’ll come down to Florida and show me a good time.

Soooo come September 18th, I know what I will be adding to my playlists on Spotify and listening to on repeat….this new album obviously! And you should too. Seriously, don’t miss out on these banging ass songs! Treat yo self to some Self Care.

Check out the track list:

1. Siamese Souls

2. Composure

3. Together

4. Vivid Dream

5. Undersize

6. Ghost

7. Funeral Home

8. Glass Houses

9. Half Of Me

10. Heartsleeve

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