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Another SXSW Interview: We talk to Weird Milk

Not gonna lie, you were in my top three to see at SXSW, so hopefully tell us, what were your expectations for SXSW

Well, thank you! I don’t think we knew what to expect considering none of us had been before, we’d only heard bits about it from other bands we know who have previously been, and our manager had been before and had told us a few stories but we were just excited for the new experience.

Your sound is very unique, it has a very retro sound, yet it doesn’t feel the least be dated, how would you describe your music?

I think we’d describe it as simple as being inspired by some of our old heroes but with a touch of contemporary awareness.

Your newest single Is That Love has a lot of elements that remind me of the Beatles, I especially think that of the instrumentation, it could easily fit somewhere on the Sgt Peppers album, were they a big influence for this song?

I can say that I don’t think The Beatles were a direct influence on this song but that their influence probably does seep into all of our music in one way or another, so it can probably be found in a lot of the songs just by default.

Who would you say shaped your sound the most?

Probably just our love of old 60’s music and the songwriting techniques used in a lot of those songs. Whether it’s the guitar sounds used, the structural characteristics or the lyrical sentiments of those songs and albums.

Can you tell us the story behind the band’s name Weird Milk?

It just came into my head (Zach) while I was on a short holiday in Spain a few years ago, I thought it had a kind of intrigue about it and a ring to it when spoken aloud.

How has your music and your style changed since you first formed?

Hopefully, the song structures and writing techniques have gotten a bit more complex and hopefully, we’ve just become better at playing the songs live as a band.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

Whatever they need to, the songs aren’t supposed to mean anything more than they do to the audience.

What is one thing you wish you’d have known when you first started performing?

That you will get better through playing live and rehearsing regularly and just to relax and give it time.

Which song of yours would you suggest to someone who has never heard your music?

Anything You Want is probably a good place to start, or maybe something as simple as choosing the one with the title that gets your attention the most – hopefully all of our songs would serve as a good starting point in some way.

Tell our readers why they should be listening to Weird Milk?

Because the girls at the rock show said so. ( <—-Best answer ever)

Where do you hope to be in five years?

Hopefully on the right side of a couple of albums and still playing live.

So the world is rather sick at this moment with a virus and we are all expected to practice social distancing or sheltering in. How have you been passing the time?

We started off by recording some demos which are ongoing, we’ve been getting together to write new songs if we can. The self-isolation rules are getting pretty strict now so this may become difficult but I’ve personally been yoga stretching and reading quite a bit, trying to exercise indoors and sleeping a lot too.

We usually ask bands to give us three essential road trip songs, but since we are stuck at home, how about three songs to shelter in to?

Oo ok good question, The Beach Boys – In My Room is probably a pretty apt one at the moment. Also been enjoying the new single by The Lemon Twigs – The One and have also been listening to Polly Money – TWNTYS, she was on tour with APRE last month at the same time we were and was great.

Tell our readers how they can help musicians right now with no touring going on?

Listen to their music and engage with their live streams/competitions/buy their merch.

Lastly, three words to describe Weird Milk?

Not. Finished. Yet.

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Weird Milk performing Time Machine at BBC Maida Vale Studio’s in December 2019

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