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It is a great day in my book when my girl K.Flay teams up with another artist to produce an absolute banger and my friends, today is a great day! Well technically, March 25th was a great day since that is when Arkells new single “You Can Get It” featuring K.Flay dropped. 

Now, this single packs some awesome energy—it makes me want to go outside and just enjoy the day. Strong and powerful beats accompanied by the catchy lyrics sung by super unique and awesome voices, this song can make anyone’s day go from 0 to 10 in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. The instrumentals blend so well with the energetic levels of the vocals—the song is really making a point to kinda scream right at you like “HEY! You can get what you want!” and I am here for it. 

It’s crazy to believe this song was recorded prior to the COVID-19 lockdown because it seems like it is meant for this weird in-between moment we are all in right now. Arkells’ frontman Max Kerman stated that “It feels like the sun is finally coming out, and the song is about being free to chase down every dream and desire” and I couldn’t agree more. Every aspect of this song just screams positivity and excitement towards us finally starting to get our lives back and being able to just be free. 

As someone who has had a pretty rough year (I’m sure I’m not alone with this), this song definitely brings positive vibes and energy that I find myself struggling to create for myself and I am forever grateful for that. I guess I know what I’ll be listening to on repeat for a while ;). 

Soooooo if you haven’t already…what are you waiting for?! Go stream Arkells’ new single “You Can Get It” right now!!

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