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Arrested Youth makes new album ” Arrested Youth & The Quarantiners ” with fans, releases first video Jumping Ship

A one-of-a-kind project created with fans across the world, Arrested Youth & The Quarantiners is available to stream now. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, LA-based artist Arrested Youth wanted to find a unique way to interact and reach out to fans to see how they could connect. This marked the beginning of the Quarantine Sessions, an opportunity for fans to come together and write songs, and thus, this unique project was born.

 Arrested Youth & The Quarantiners celebrates the beauty and creative energy that can come from such a dark time in our world and solidifies that the fans are what make music possible. In addition to helping write the music for this EP, fans took part in the music video for lead single “Jumping Ship.”

 Featuring footage from fans in every corner of the world including countries like Slovakia, Switzerland, Mexico, India, France, Canada, and more, it is a visual representation of the ability for people to still connect and come together even when they are physically separated.

Ian Johnson, who performs under the name of “Arrested Youth”, started each session by producing a rough demo of music, then worked with fans via Instagram and YouTube live streams to create a song concept along with lyrics. Johnson would then come up with vocal melodies and put finishing production edits with his friend and producer Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft.

 “I don’t want this to sound preachy or too sentimental, but I’m very honored to put out this project,” Johnson shared with Alternative Press.”I’m really excited because it’s the first time that something has felt so connected to creating music with people who actually listen to the music.Instead of guessing what kids were going through, I wanted to hear from them first-hand,” he continues. “So, we got together a couple nights a week to write songs- anything from what we were doing with our free time to how we were feeling about life in general.” 

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