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Band Of The Week: The Franklys Interview

 Tell us how you became a band?
Through a love of similar music and just wanting to get out there and play.
 Are You Listening is out June 23 I believe, can you tell our readers why they should listen?
Our debut album, the labour of love haha! People need to listen because these are bloody awesome, fun songs to get you up and dancing.
 As an all female band, did you have to overcome obstacles that an all male band  might not have?
That’s a difficult one isn’t it? It seems as though in the rock world that male is seen as the default. I’m sure every female artist could tell quite a few stories on this one! Any perceived advantage for being an all female band is usually cancelled out quickly. It feels as a female that you have to prove yourself constantly, and that you have to work doubly hard to gain anywhere near the same level of recognition that a male performer would ever have to.
 You have been doing a lot of touring to promote the upcoming album, what song do you think has really captured the crowd?
It varies from night to night but Castaway and Too Tall always seem to be big crowd pleasers.
 What female recording artist do you feel gave you the most inspiration to pick up an instrument?
It’s hard to pin down just one as there are various ones that have influenced us and have always pushed us to work harder.
 Your earliest memory of music
Parents constantly playing old records and tapes!
Three words that describe the Franklys sound?
Raw, loud and frenetic.
 What is the most important album in your personal collection and why?
We could never narrow it down to just one!
Some new bands that you are really into now and we need to know about
Calva Louise are awesome, we played with them last year and were blown away by them, really exciting! Same with Berries, who we have also played with. Sharkmuffin are great too, definitely for fans of Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
 The three must have songs for any road trip
On our latest tour we’ve all had Ironic by Alanis Morrisette in our heads, mainly due to Fanny singing it continuously! Offspring – Kids Aren’t Alright. The Hives – Tick Tick Boom.
 A hidden talent one of you may have that most people do not know about
 Where do you want to see yourself as a band in five years
Being able to quit our day jobs and play music full time. Tour the world and live the dream!
 Parting words for those young girls out there who are dreaming of a career in music…
If you want to do it, just do it, find a way. If people tell you that you can’t, then fuck ’em.
**photo credit to Alan Wells
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