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Washington, D.C.-based alt pop artist belated has released his debut single “Bad Thoughts” along with a companion lyric video.

Regarding the new single, Jordon Ronan (belated) reveals, “‘Bad Thoughts’” was the first song I wrote for this project, and also one of the first songs I had written in 3-4 years. I was very depressed at the time, with the subject of this song being a major factor in that, and one day (following a bottle of wine) the melody for the hook came to me and the rest came together quickly because it was all still fresh. I think my favorite line could be a little polarizing, which is ‘I can’t wait to fade away.’ What I like about it is that it can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. On one hand, I just wanted to disappear from this person’s memory in hopes it would have the same effect on me. But then at the same time, yes, I was struggling with my mental health and suicidal ideation is a symptom of several mental illnesses. I have experienced those symptoms and very well could again. My intention with this line is not to romanticize suicidal thoughts in any way, but to simply acknowledge that ideation —  and that it can be overcome.’

belated is the music moniker of mid-Atlantic singer/songwriter Jordon Ronan. Following the break up of multiple bands, Ronan decided to start a solo pop project and began writing songs, such as his debut single “Bad Thoughts”, while living in Washington, DC. The new songs, produced/engineered by Will Beasley (The Dangerous Summer, Dryjacket) and mixed by Tate Mercer (Better Off, Pale Lungs), were inspired by events experienced in Ronan’s early twenties and how they impacted his mental health and perspective on life.

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