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Bellevue Days “Ripped Jeans”

The quartet from Croydon, called Bellevue Days, is composed of Alan Smith (Guitar/Vocals), Daniel Lukes (Guitar/Vocals), Joe Blackford (Bass/Vocals), and Jack Pavitt (Drums). They have been receiving loads of recognition and features from Zane Lowe’s Beats 1, DIY Magazine, and many others. Earlier this year they released a beautiful EP entitled The Sun Came Up When We Were Young, and that’s when I fell in love.

Their new single, Ripped Jeans, is packed with raging guitar and drums, making it an ideal listen for any grunge rock lover. The song casts a bit of a sad tale about loneliness which you can hear bleeding through the lyrics. They also add their signature style of bringing the song down to only pick it back up immediately. The subtle strums of guitar behind the delicate vocals may even have you in chills because of their sincerity. In fact, it is one that you could possibly be hearing worldwide one day, and all in all is another great piece of work from Bellevue Days.

If you’ve not given Bellevue Days a listen yet, make sure to do so because you are sure to not regret it. You can learn more about them through Twitter and Facebook. You can also stream their new single Ripped Jeans through Sound Cloud or listen to it below.

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