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Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles Release Debut EP ‘Bide Your Time’

Bide Your Time is the name of the debut EP from Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles. You may ask yourself, what does the title mean? Well, Billy has answered that question for you below..

The EP is called BIDE YOUR TIME and I’ll tell you why it’s called that because it’s not obvious. Bide Your Time is the first line of a song I’ve written that is NOT on the EP. It’s a great song and you’ll hear it sometime in a not too distant future which is the whole point. THE FUTURE is what I’m focusing on as I head down this new path to where I want to be. Biding your time is something you have to do a lot of in the music industry as things don’t just happen overnight. Being a musician requires patience and I suppose some hard work occasionally helps, too! It involves taking the time and care to do things right so that what you create will mean something to people. So in a sense I’ve been biding my time in different ways since the start of my music career in 2007 and will continue to do so as I take a second pop at climbing the ladder in the music business. Thanks for helping to keep that ladder steady as I scale to new heights!” Billy Bibby

From starting his music career at only age seventeen, Billy is extremely hardworking and determined, and this EP really showcases that. BB&TWS are made up of Billy Bibby, Matt Thomas, Michael Pearce, and Rob Jones. Don’t Fall is the first track on this beautifully polished EP and has a very catchy yet classic sound to it which I love. The lead up to the raw, intricate guitar solo is complete brilliance and will have you humming along to the riffs in no time. The next track is called This Kind of Summer that has a very upbeat, pop-y sound and leaves off with a feel-good vibe. Waitin’ For You is the third track on the EP and is also a single that Billy released in November of 2015 that brought him a new confidence about his music from all the positive feedback that was being said about the track. I would describe the track as timeless and breathtaking mixed with a country flair. The final song is entitled Believe Me. This song is a work of art to your ears, with Billy’s mesmerizing vocals and the soft guitar and drums playing in the background, it’s a truly gorgeous track that I will for sure have on loop. Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles are certainly the next big thing so make sure to buy/stream the EP on iTunes, Sound Cloud, and/or Spotify. If you’re in or around the UK, check out their upcoming tour dates below.


05 Manchester | Night & Day Café
06 Stoke | The Underground
11 Liverpool | Studio 2
12 Edinburgh | Sneaky Pete’s
13 Inverness | Ironworks
18 London | The Garage
19 Doncaster 
| The Leopard
20 Preston | The Ferret
24 Brighton | The Prince Albert
26 Stroud | The Prince Albert
27 Exeter | The Cavern

02 Glasgow | O2 ABC2
04 Aberdeen | Cafe Drummond
12 Swansea | The Scene
13 Merthyr | New Crown Inn
17 Crewe | The Box
18 Chester | The Live Rooms
20 Leeds | Milo Bar
26 Gravesend | Middle Eight (acoustic)

Listen to Bide Your Time below. Follow BB&TWS on Twitter, Sound Cloud, and give them a like on Facebook.

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