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Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles Release New Single “Are You Ready?”

Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles have yet again blown me completely out of the water, this time with single Are You Ready? The track will be digitally released on major music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Sound Cloud, and more on June 17th, 2016.

Are You Ready? is easily one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever listened to and definitely ranks as one of the best tracks that the band have released so far. Billy Bibby’s stunning vocals make your heart skip a beat as his velvety voice sings the line “your eyes sink to the back of your head, taking in all what I just said”. Everything about the song is mind-blowing; it’s exactly what I was hoping to hear from the quartet. They have absolutely outdone themselves with this one, and anyone would be insane to not love this tune. Another thing that I love about Are You Ready? is the incredible and explosive guitar solo towards the end; it really makes the single EVEN better.

“After performing ‘Are You Ready?’ in the first few gigs, I knew my instincts were right as people seemed to be enjoying a song they’d never heard before as if they’d heard it before coming out to see us. Towards the back end of the tour I started to tell the crowd that this was possibly the next single and to tell me if they thought it should be or not after we played it. I think they all agreed, so that was all the evidence needed for me and the lads to go get back in the studio and record this catchy little number!” -Billy Bibby

The band is currently on tour, so check to see if they’re coming to a city near you.

03 London | Barfly
10 Llandudno | Fountains
11 Chester | Telford’s Warehouse
25 Manchester | Black Dog Ballroom | Mrs Boon’s Cake & Tea Party

23 Stockport | Blackthorn Festival
31 Lake District | Kendal Calling | House Party

06 Whitby | Coastline Festival
20 Doncaster | Blackfest
26 Manchester | Night & Day Café

02 Lode, Cambridgeshire | Lodestar Festival
03 Merthyr Tydfil | Bowstrong Festival
17 Tickhill | TFest

Check back here on June 17th to listen to Are You Ready? below. You will not be disappointed.

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