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Bleacher Days Release New Single “Icarus”

Formerly an upbeat, raucous pop-punk band, Bleachers Days has resurfaced with a new emo-infused hip hop sound thanks to the sole remaining member, Wren Mohammed. “Icarus” was written three years ago, but was shelved after the band deemed it “not pop-punk enough.”

After years of DIY touring and a well-received EP release, the band went on hiatus in 2017. “I refused to give up, though,” says Wren. “I kept working with our producer and showed him the stuff that wasn’t ‘pop-punk enough’ and he loved it. I just kept recording songs, not knowing what would come next. Now we’re here. I’m writing another record, under the name I love with a new sound I love. When and if the world goes back to normal, I’d love to join forces with some new friends and bring this music to as many cities as possible.

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