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Book Review: Clique Bait

Title: Clique Bait

Author: Ann Valett

Publishing: April 28th 2020 by HarperTeen

Good Reads Summary:

Chloe Whittaker is out for revenge.

Last year her best friend Monica’s life was unceremoniously ruined by the most popular students at their high school, so this year Chloe plans to take each and every one of them down. She’s traded in her jeans and T-shirts for the latest designer clothes, erased anything on social media that would tie her to Monica (and blow her cover), and carefully figured out how she will befriend the members of the clique, find out their deepest and darkest secrets, and reveal them to the world.

Chloe has the perfect plan . . . but there’s one thing she didn’t prepare for. And that’s falling for someone she’s determined to destroy. The closer she gets to uncovering the secrets the in-crowd is determined to cover up, the more she realizes that she is going to have to choose between betraying her oldest friend or the boy who’s captured her heart

Lizz’s Review:

Chloe has always preferred to be unnoticed when it comes to her high class prep school but she finds herself swapping her thrift store finds for designer tags to get the attention of the elite Level One group. Her mission isn’t about becoming popular, its about revenge for what they did to her best friend, Monica. Only problem is..Chloe struggles with her new power spot and her feelings for star lacrosse player, William. The further she gets in with Level One the more she realizes how complicated things with Monica were and she starts to question exactly why she is doing this.

This book was very fast-paced. Upon starting it I kept thinking to myself that it was moving quickly and wasn’t as in-depth in character development as a lot of other books. Just as quickly as it started, it ended. Overall though I am happy with the book although I do think it lacks a real purpose or a solid ending. I wanted more from the main character Chloe in how she learned to love herself and for her to really see Monica in a different light and come to terms with that more in-depth. I was not a fan of Monica at all so at times when Chloe would do things all in the name of her..I struggled with seeing the point or cheering her on. There just seemed to be a lot of open-ended bits with other characters and I think if a lot of these smaller details would have been more embellished than this book really would have soared. Family backstories were breezed upon but were left open and untouched almost to the point of not needing to be mentioned at all (like William’s sister..or Chloe’s parents) It’s a little typical for the subject matter and a lot of things were predictable but I enjoyed the story and really fell for William just as Chloe did. It was a quick and easy read that I was able to devour within a few hours because even though it was all that I mentioned above it still kept me interested and wanting to see what would happen, even if I was already figuring it out. I look forward to seeing what else the author writes in the future because I can see her writing maturing more!

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