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Boy Made Flower releases new single ” Text Me “

Boy Made Flower aka Henrik Lund is a lo-fi pop artist from Oslo who channels everything from the lyrical flow of Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar to the somber vocal melodies of Westerman and ROLE MODEL. 

Casting a forlorn figure on new single ‘Text Me’, he plays the archetypal unrequited lover. In a predicament that all of us can empathize with, he agonizes ‘Just f—ing text me’. Razor-sharp snare hits punctuate layer upon layer of harmony, complementing and reflecting Lund’s sardonic sense of humor. 

He tells us the song is about “the fact that I had a bit of a crush on a close friend. At that point I had already decided not to pursue my feelings. I remember sobbing all the way home after having passed out on the street, without even opening my third beer for the night. I was completely out of it, and I wrote the verse the morning after, based on the things I could remember from the incident.”

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