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BYFYN releases cathartic, carefree video for new track ‘What’s Stopping You?’

Hertfordshire artist BYFYN (AKA Ellie Isherwood) releases the cathartic, carefree video for ‘What’s Stopping You?’ on today – preceding her new EP ‘In Blue With You’, out December 9th

What’s Stopping You?’ is a song of two halves. The first is a soft flurry of buzzing synths and an atmospheric gathering of sounds, which work as deep breaths in preparation and thought. An ethereal, primal scream ushers in the second half – a cascading and colourful release of acceptance and emotion. As BYFYN exclaims: 

“What’s Stopping You?” I ask myself, as my heart races and I battle with my inner saboteur.  

With this track I really wanted to capture the frustration of feeling like nothing is stopping you from achieving what you want, apart from yourself and your anxiety! If you could just turn it off then nothing could get in your way… but it doesn’t work like that.. cue the frustration.” 

This is echoed in the visual – blurry, abstract close-ups make way for joyous, unrestrained physical movement, and a call to arms directly down the camera lens.  

“With the video I wanted to channel that frustration into an outburst of positive energy! This was the only video I directed and edited myself and it was shot on my family’s old handycam. I wanted it to be raw and personal and candid, a snapshot of how I’m feeling right now, which is pretty great to be honest.” 

The video was co-directed by Stella Kailides who comments: “Having known BYFYN for many years, she has sheer vision and determination with a soft, playful touch. Working on “What’s Stopping You?” was a beautiful, intimate process. Watching her take charge of that inner battle and create this very personal euphoric explosion of frustration, a feeling of positive release, something I’m sure a lot of us can relate to. You can feel her energy in the video, little snippets of laughter or chatter – a video of truth and honesty”. 

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