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BYFYN releases electronic-pop jam ‘I Love Me Too’

Hertfordshire artist BYFYN (AKA Ellie Isherwood) has released introspective synth-pop single ‘I Love Me Too’ the latest in a line of exhilarating, textured electronic vignettes. With it she also announces her new EP ‘In Blue With You’ for December 9th.

Each release so far has been a building block in developing a sound that calls to mind GrimesRobynChvrches or Let’s Eat Grandma. She takes glossy synths and re-purposes them through a LoFi filter to create something wholly unique in tone.  

On ‘I Love Me Too’ it’s not just the synths that are glossy. Atop dreamscape washes, twinkling melodies and AM-retro drum machine beats, Ellie’s vocals rail against the over-stated role of self-love, and self-empowerment in overcoming mental health issues. She presents the idea as something superficially pristine, and simplistic in the face of something we need to keep working at. The lyrics to this point are echoed in the music video. As Ellie elaborates further: 

“This song is my ideal end to an EP about struggling with mental health- it’s like “everything is fine now and I love myself because life’s too short not to!”. But really it is just that, it’s the ideal, the fantasy situation. From experience, mental health is more of a journey, with ups and downs, and unfortunately, it can’t always be wrapped up, all sorted and tied in a nice little bow like it is in the movies. With the video I wanted it to look like it could be. I wanted to create the perfect fantasy/cheesy pastiche of a late ’90s, early 00’s teen film, complete with an outfit montage. A highly stylized fantasy bubble where everything works out perfectly in the end… but there’s a twist.” 

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