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Celine releases new single Call Me

23-year-old South African Celine wears many hats. She is an actress, a songwriter, a musician, and a singer. Her music is a blend of confessional lyrics and a rock- folk-influenced style and sound.

Her new single Call Me, explores the notion of one-sided friendships and relationships. We have ALL had that one friend that never seems to be the one to reach out and it exhausts you until you finally realize it is not worth the effort. This is what Celine has to say about the new single:

“Call Me explores the idea of caring about someone who doesn’t value you nearly as much as you do them and the uneven power dynamic that occurs because of this. The lyrics are written at the point of realization, of being fed-up with the situation and calling the person out on their behavior. It also explores the theme of how wishing to see the best in people – even though this is a good quality – often hinders our ability to see people’s true colours. When the realization occurs, there is great liberation in leaving a toxic situation.

Celine’s smokey vocals are refined and relaxed as she guides us through the landscape of harmonic guitar strums and barely-there drumming. Listen below:

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