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Cigarettes After Sex Share “Falling In Love”

 Cigarettes After Sex have released their second single, “Falling In Love” off of their highly anticipated sophomore LP – Cry – out October 25th via Partisan Records.

“This was one of the few songs where I had the music written before we got to Mallorca, I wrote the melody and chords in my apartment in Brooklyn in 2017. It wasn’t until two years later that I finally wrote the lyrics, it was during mixing and we literally had one day left. I wrote and sang the song that night, and in the performance, you can hear the exhaustion and emotion of finally finishing this record.”

“Falling In Love” is a blissful amorous track; stripped down with light percussion and a spacious guitar, Greg Gonzalez’s vocals melt into the heavenly space created around him. The penultimate track of the LP, “Falling In Love” further escalates the anticipation for the upcoming project.

“My girlfriend and I, our relationship was long distance for so long, so we developed as a couple mostly over the phone. The second verse is about how we would go see the same movie at the same time like it was a date, even though we were living in separate cities.

I think there’s something cosmic about this one. I wrote the music before our relationship started. I wasn’t in love at all then, I was just writing about love and what it’d be like to be in love again. Two years later I actually fell in love again, and that’s what it took to finish the song.”

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