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Circe releases new single “Ten Girls “

London based dark-pop artist Circe releases cinematic new single ‘Ten Girls’ on July 29th via Jazz Life.

Sonically Circe filters visceral synths through a sepia-toned filter, inspired by eerie soundtracks, painting a universe which is at once apocalyptic and claustrophobic, but also romantic and melancholy. Key touchstones are the symphonic and suffocating scores for Stranger Things and David Lynch films.

On ‘Ten Girls’ specifically, there is a literary leaning, as she explains:

Ten Girls was inspired by Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale – ‘There are ten marks on this cross’-  a poetic but disturbing view of women living in a dystopian oppressive world. This chimes with my own fractured generation of cancel culture, swipes of sex, and revenge porn”.
This emphasizes the beating heart of Circe’s message – one of defiance, socially and personally. Her imperious vocals are a call to arms against the unjust bullshit experienced by womxn in all forms. With themes pulled from SciFi, mysticism, and fantasy, the mission statement is an otherworldly cry that echoes through dimensions.
This strangeness is backed up by the imagery involved – off-kilter Catholic symbolism and the unnerving photography of Tim Walker chief amongst the stimulus.

 ‘Ten Girls’ is a bracing introduction for new ears, an exhilarating, feminist piece of work, sound-tracking the apocalyptic life of a womxn living in the #metoo and #timesup era. Whilst this sounds bleak on the face of it, the overriding feeling is hope and rejection of the status quo.
The last word is best left to Circe, who ends the track as the defender of womxn-kind: “There will not be Ten Girls here after me’” 

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