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Blossoms at Latitude 30 for SXSW

South by Southwest is known for its outrageous music festival, it had plenty of artists to choose from but for Wednesday March 18th, I made sure to go see a band that I had been keeping up with for quite some time.
For those of you just hearing about Blossoms, they are a five piece band from Stockport, England made up of Tom Ogden (Vocals/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass), Josh Dewhurst (Guitar), Joe Donovan (Drums), and last but not least is Myles Kellock (Keys). They create a classic, psychedelic sound with a modern twist that is extremely enjoyable and transports you back in time.
They started the show off by playing their song You Pulled a Gun on Me at the British Music Embassy’s Latitude 30 on 6th Street. The mysterious melody immediately reeled in the audiences’ attention and made them realize that this show was going to be a major highlight in this year’s SXSW experience. After receiving a well-deserved round of applause, the sounds of The Urge started playing in the background. Judging by all of the intent gazes and questions like; “What band is this again?” the crowd was really enjoying Blossoms.
They played Smoke and Blown Rose, along with my personal favorite, My Favourite Room, which has the ability to bring tears to my eyes because not only can you can hear Tom pouring his emotions out but almost like you can sense it or touch it, especially in the lyrics, “Did you think how might I feel? Did you think how might I feel? Oh, no. You’re gonna get it girl.
They then continued on with their eight-song set and played Scattered Rain, followed by their latest single Cut Me and I’ll Bleed, which is now available on iTunes. Lastly, they performed their single Blow which left a lasting impression on the audience with its raw, flowing chorus and guitar solos.
Overall, Blossoms had an outstanding performance and captured the audience by the first guitar riff of You Pulled a Gun on Me. Their unique sound had engulfed you and left you wanting more. They had definitely sparked an interest through the ears of many, which was apparent by the beguiled audience.

Make sure to get to know more about Blossoms by visiting their YouTube, Facebook, Sound Cloud, and Twitter.

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