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Concert Review: The Revivalists @ Jannus Live

Around this time last year, The Revivalists graced Saint Petersburg, FL with their presence. Unfortunately for me, I had just returned from a trip and did not act fast enough to obtain tickets. This year was different I was given the opportunity to see The Revivalists for the second time this year. I previously saw The Revivalists at ALTer EGO ’19 in LA back in January.

On April 5th, The Revivalists performed a sold out headlining show at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL. The New Orleans band have continued to gain attention and grow as a band since 2015 and were even listed in Rolling Stone as one of the “10 bands you need to know”. In August of 2018, “All My Friends” was dropped as the first single from The Revivalists‘ fourth album, Take Good Care.

“As far as the music goes, sometimes I just have a feeling, and it comes through in a song,” said Shaw in a press release. “I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel something. I wanted this album to be simply about that. Making the new music has been a bit of a cathartic process for me — just to get some of these feelings out, lose myself in the art, and become someone else. It’s where I can be who I want to be.”

If you are ever fortunate enough to have The Revivalists come to your city, I would recommend buying the ticket and attending the gig. The Revivalists bring a raw energy to the stage which leads the audience to get rowdy (and anyone who knows me; knows I enjoy getting rowdy haha).

Throughout the entirety of the gig, The Revivalists brought an extremely satisfying passion to Jannus Live. The band continues to excel in spreading positive vibes from the stage onto the crowd. I remember seeing The Revivalists earlier this year in LA. When they performed, majority of the attendees sat down because, I am assuming, they weren’t too familiar with The Revivalists. About 2 songs in, all of those individuals who sat down were up dancing and acting like they were jamming out to a band they have known for a while.

Overall, from my now two times of seeing The Revivalists, if you like positive vibes and getting a tad rowdy at a gig… please be sure to attend a show at least once.

Also, no relation to David Shaw (lead singer). We just share the same last name.

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