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Devin Kennedy Releases Music Video For Stunning New Single “Hurt U”

Rising singer-songwriter and producer Devin Kennedy unveiled his latest sad-pop single “Hurt U” last week to immense praise from fans, press, and streaming platforms alike. He also has unveiled the accompanying music video, directed by fellow artist on the rise Spencer Sutherland.

 “I felt from the beginning that ‘Hurt U’ needed a music video that was story-driven and filmed like it was a movie,” shares Kennedy on today’s release. “I wanted it to be bright and colorful, and Spencer Sutherland and Caden Huston brought that vision to life. I’m a big fan of the visuals they’ve done together for Spencer’s project, so when they heard the song and expressed interest in doing the music video it was really exciting. We then recruited LA-based actress, Kaitlyn O’Connell to be my co-star in the video. She brought amazing energy and theatrical experience to this one, which was exactly what it needed.” “Being an artist myself, it was so fun to concept and direct the ‘Hurt U’ video,“ 

Sutherland shared. “Devin is probably the easiest artist to work with, and we had a blast making a mini movie. I’ve directed and concepted a lot of my own music videos, but this is only my second for another artist, but I’m loving being able to step into this role!”

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