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Dirty Nice release new track ” Sunshine End Times “

Dirty Nice release punky new synth-pop single ‘Sunshine End Times’ – a hyperactive sugar-rush calling for solidarity in the face of a spiralling world.

The duo is split between London and Bournemouth and features Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson. They occupy a space between cultural lines – equally beholden to internet culture, vaporwave aesthetic, and exploration of other artistic movements and cultural epochs.

‘Sunshine End Times’ looks for the personal in the catastrophic. In a year defined by rounds of Apocalypse Top Trumps, sometimes all you need is someone by your side. As Charlie explains the evergreen themes in the track:

“Although written last year, the deep dark depths of lockdown inevitably imbued the song with new and more morose meaning.

It came to life the morning after the UK general election. The conservatives had won a landslide victory, led by a liar. That made two mad men, with equally mad hair, supposedly in charge of actual countries full of actual people, many of whom had inexplicably given them their trust. Meanwhile, the planet had decided to burst into flames – the Amazon, California, Australia.

Times were deeply worrying and deeply strange. But surely they couldn’t get much worse? Cue Corona. Cue lockdown. Cue our government’s inept response. Cue Dominic Cummings, slippery as always, breaking his own rules and getting away with it. Cue protests against institutional racism being met with more oppression and force. A world already off balance, given that little extra push. Tumbling, flailing, picking up pace, and now here we are, still free falling, reaching out for a hand to hold.”

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