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Doll Skin release ‘Control Freak’

Doll Skin has announced the release of their new single and music video “Control Freak”

“Our newest single Control Freak is a product of love by Syd, Meg, our friend Max Calkins and our producer Zach Tuch. This song is about how you can accidentally trap yourself within your own anxiety. When you have frequent attacks, you avoid all things that trigger them. In an attempt to cope you create a cage for yourself. The music video touches on both Syd and Meg’s time in the psychiatric ward because of mental health reasons in their lives. Ecstatic to be back, looking forward to our new chapter.” 

This is the first release as the reincarnation of Doll Skin.

“Moving forward, we will continue serving as a platform to women and nonbinary people within the industry who desire to share their talents with the world,” says Sydney and Meghan. “We will just look a little different with the possible addition of some new faces. Our vision is to tap into the army of those in underrepresented communities who have incredible stories and talent, and to be a source of inspiration in this often-uncertain world.” 

Today, Saturday, February 27, Doll Skin will host a full live performance on YouTube. For more information:  

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