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Drinker releases”C​alifornia”

Drinker is the inspired partnership of bicoastal NY/LA duo of songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer Ariel Loh. The pair craft darkly texturized synths, psych-tinged indie rock, and harrowing cadences They have just released the final single, California, off their debut LP Fragments via B3SCI Records. Like many of the previous songs on Fragments the thing that captured my attention with California is Mendelsohn’s use of electronic drums, they are notable and hypnotic, a bit understated, but I seem to be drawn to them in every song. In addition to the drums, on California he also added a crash sound that reminds me of clapping that I found pleasing to the song.

Speaking about California Mendelsohn had this to say ”

“California” is a song about leaving the reality I had come to know in New York for what I liken to a mirage, in California. I wrote this soon after arriving in LA, chasing something in music that felt more illusory and artificial than what I had come to know in New York. The California dream, which I think is a certain specific version of the American Dream based in entertainment…was all around me. The way the people try to climb the ladder, with no shame in their methods, made me wonder if I could keep climbing in my tactful way… Over time I have come to embrace the culture of LA that embraces the chase and the display of the hustle, but I wrote this in the early days when what was supposed to be a dream was seeming all too real.

Order, stream, or download Fragments album HERE.

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