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Eades release ” Former Warnings Cluster “

 Leeds quintet Eades have harnessed their powerful work ethic to explode into 2021 with new single ‘Former Warnings Cluster’, their debut release with Manchester tastemaker label Heist or Hit (Her’sPizzagirlHannah’s Little Sister).  

Like New York Bowery clubrats misreading the instruction manual for British post-punk, their sound is assembled somewhere within the shifting textures of rhythmic convulsions and low-fidelity rawness. Having four songwriters and two producers at their disposal it’s little surprise that the band pack a pluralistic punch, taking in new wave, art-punk, noise-rock, garage rock and 90s alternative. Newest addition Lily Fontaine is the latest to add another view-point to the sonic stew and processes.  

Well-rounded, they channel that rare alchemy of a group with heart, brains, and an ear for a hook. Perhaps some of this sharpness is derived from their DIY approach; all songs are cooked up in the band’s own subterranean Bam Bam Studios. This time around too there’s a new element in the mix, matching the addictive, high-stakes rush of an Eades live show by committing their recordings straight to tape. As lead-vocalist Harry Jordan explains: 

“Former Warnings Cluster is probably our most ambitious recording yet. We’ve always felt we didn’t match our live sound, so we decided to shake up the process. It was recorded live in my basement, with vocals and a few overdubs added later. This allowed us to be a lot more free with the performance, speeding up and slowing down to take the song on a bit of a journey.  It was also the first time we’ve ever recorded to tape, which added a load of other hurdles to overcome, but I think the final product is a lot more true to who we are as a band moving forward.” 

The lyrical themes tackle failed attempts at altering paths towards self-destructive tendencies. Unresolved rhymes and breakdowns in syntax serve to echo these themes of inconsistent, chaotic thoughts, and the inability to stick to new routines. As Harry elaborates: 

“It’s about getting into good habits and then ruining them; about reinventing yourself time and time again to no avail. It follows a protagonist who ultimately ends up in the gutter thinking over the red flags he’s ignored as an ambulance approaches.” 

Listen to Former Warnings Cluster:

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