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Eades release new single Vivid Dreams

Eades has released one last peek at their debut EP ‘Microcosmic Things’, with the release of razor-sharp new single ‘Vivid Dreams’. With its post-punk inspired rhythms, it’s built around an earworm of a guitar hook in place of a traditional chorus.

Some things in life come easy, while others endure their fair share of agonizing over – songwriting is no exception. Rock history is littered with examples of classics coming together in 20 mins, as studio budget was running out, or a B-side slot needed feeling, or inspiration simply struck.

Less apparent in the mythos are the tracks artists toiled over, shelved, revisited, and twisted in a search to get right. Belying its concise simplicity ‘Vivid Dreams’ falls into the latter category.

Frontman Harry Jordan speaks on this long gestation period, and the drive to get it finished:
“This is probably the longest we spent working on a song, and one of the earliest songs written for the band. It’s been through countless version and mixes but I just didn’t want to ditch it. I knew there was something there, particularly in reference to the detailed lyrics written with a close friend of mine. It started almost drum and bass like but after a lot of jamming I think we got it somewhere we’re proud of.”

This reference to a writing partner isn’t new. Harry has worked with them on a few tracks, in detailing their struggles with addiction, and time spent in and out of rehab over the last couple of years. This writing partner elaborates on the titular themes:
“It’s about the day after a long night when you’re scared of the outside world, and the elements feel like they’re conspiring against you. The last line is a response to the first verse, with the sun giving you a false sense of comfort. It’s  about the fever dreams you have when you wake up with prickling skin.”

‘Vivid Dreams’ was self-produced and is out now. Debut EP ‘Microcosmic Things’ is out on July 10th via Bam Bam Records.
Eades are Harry Jordan (Vocals and Guitar), Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar), Jof Cabedo (Drums), Dave Lancaster (Bass), and Dan Clifford-Smith (Synths and Percussion).

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