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Elder Brother Shares New Single”Projector”

Alternative rock band Elder Brother has shared another new single, Projector, from their forthcoming album, I Won’t Fade On You, which is set to be released on October 2nd via Pure Noise Records and is now available for pre-order at

With ‘Projector,’ we went in with the goal of keeping in a short and sweet, to the point Pop song, something we hadn’t really tried to intentionally do to date,” shares vocalist Daniel Rose. “When we got together to write it, we played around with adding some keys to it, and the song really came together in the studio when Evan got on Jack (Shirley)’s organ with the Leslie speaker. We tapped a little bit into some 90’s Americana style influence, bands like early Wilco and The Wallflowers style, influences that we all are big fans of but hadn’t really made its way into our music until this album.” 

 Away from the hard-charged, sweat-drenched sounds of their figureheads’ primary impulses, they opt for more brooding, patient tendencies of indie rock and Midwestern emo. But by stripping themselves down even further – to nothing but their bare essentials – the Bay Area-based band’s message reverberates louder than ever on their third full-length, I Won’t Fade On You. Produced by Grammy-nominated Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor), LP3 finds Elder Brother, now a full-time quartet with the addition of bassist Morgan Foster and drummer/keyboardist Evan Garcia-Renart, in their most comfortable place yet, distancing themselves from their alternative roots in a profound way while simultaneously elevating their place in the prolific NorCal underground scene. 

I’ve been getting further away from distortion pedals and more into organic-sounding music,” says Rose, who also serves as The Story So Far’s tour manager. “In the past, my favorite songs of ours have been the ones where we’re able to jam a little bit more. I think we’re all getting better at our instruments, so it’s easier to start ripping off more talented artists.” 

The singer’s self-deprecation aside, I Won’t Fade On You doesn’t worship at the altar of other acts as much as it confidently peels back the band’s sound to reveal some perhaps surprising influences. At the beginning of the recording sessions, the band handed Shirley albums by artists like Wilco and Pedro the Lion, music that would ultimately guide the process and draw the sonic roadmap for what the album would become.
Elder Brother will release their new album I Won’t Fade On You on October 2nd via Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders are available now at

I Won’t Fade On YouTracklisting:

1. I Won’t Fade On You

2. Halloween

3. If You Love Me (Like You Say)

4. I Get So Tired Of You

5. Projector

6. OK, Alright

7. The Champion Of The East Bay

8. The War Is Over

9. Hair

10. High

11. Washed 

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