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Electric Sol release new single ‘ Life Out Loud ‘

Electric Sol, a five-piece synthpop/retrowave band based in Phoenix, has released their newest single, Life Out Loud. The single begins with icy synths that lead you into calming vocals and has a dreamy background that will allow you to calm down and escape all your troubles for at least close to three minutes.

Here is what lead man Ed Sweet told us about the Life Out Loud:

“I’ve always been kind of a melancholy optimist and I tried to capture that quality with this song. While Life Out Loud is definitely meant to be positive, uplifting, and ultimately happy—it is a love song, after all—there’s an element of irony in that the “loudness” is muted by the relaxed vocals. I think the tentative quality of the song makes it more realistic because even the best things in life are never perfect.”

Electric Sol consists of :

Edward (Ed) Sweet—Lead Vocals and Keyboards

Lindsey Bair—Background Vocals and Keyboards

Cody Hazelle—Bass

Robert Bates—Drums

Eddie Rossi—Guitar

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