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EP Review: Heavens Die “Unnoticed and Unmissed”

The Heavy Hardcore-Metal Band, Heavens Die, from Shenandoah Valley, VA, have released their new EP Unnoticed and Unmissed earlier this year in November.

This quintet is made up of:

Daniel Lee Prock Jr. (Vocals)
Nathan Billmyer Rinard (Guitar)
Alic Carson Sloat (Guitar)
Samuel Kyran DeBurgh (Bass)
Wesley Scott Manor (Drums)

I was suggested Heavens Die thanks to Nate Smith from The Inkwell Apparel. Heavens Die are a Hardcore/Metal Band established in 2015. All of their music is written and recorded collectively with the lyrics from front man, Daniel Lee Prock, Jr.


The track listing for their newest EP, Unnoticed and Unmissed, is as follows:

  1. Unnoticed and Unmissed
  2. I Only Wish to Dream
  3. Parcere Vitae
  4. The Harm of Love
  5. I Made a Deal with God



The first track entitled, “Unnoticed and Unmissed” starts with a dark and eerie feel as the guitar begins to slowly pick up. Enters the piano and the heavy guitar to follow. This track is definitely a banger. “I Only Wish to Dream” has a fantastic intro with the starting and stopping of the instruments. This song has great vocals as, me personally, I enjoy the higher pitched vocals. The third track, “Parcere Vitae” is more of an intermission track which is nice, in order, to give you somewhat of a cool down from headbanging to the two previous tracks. As the listener enters the final tracks, we are back to where we started with the headbanging. What really captivated me was the scream in the somewhat beginning of the track of “The Harm of Love”.

The EP in its entirety has a highly amplified distortion with aggression that definitely makes this EP worth looking into.


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Be sure to check them out in 2019!

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