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EP Review: Native Sun ” Always Different, Always The Same “

The impending Brooklyn quartet based group, Native Sun, will release their new EP Always Different, Always The Same, on Friday ( 9 November )

This four-piece group is comprised of:

Danny Gomez (lead vocals, guitarist)
Jake Plfum (guitarist, backing vocals)
Mo Martinez (bassist, backing vocals)
Alexis Castro (drummer)

Within the first 0:28 seconds of the first song titled Hippie Speedball, I immediately texted Teri and thanked her for letting me review this EP. And with finding out one of the members is Colombian just made me a little more obsessed in a good way since I am half Colombian. It’s not every day we are able to review a band with a diverse ethnic background. Native Sun pulls the listener in with the solo bass pedal leading into a fantastic intro guitar riff that gets heavier only to die out as the vocals come in on the track Hippie Speedball. It gives the listener a feel of a rock ‘n’ roll take. 

The Track listing for the EP Always Different, Always The Same is as follows:

  1. Hippie Speedball
  2. 11th Street
  3. Big Succ(ess)
  4. Swoon
  5. Modern Music
  6. Sweet V

On 11th Street, it starts with a leisure feeling guitar intro but quickly leads into a heavy set with a bit of cowbell. Listeners will enjoy the cowbell as it is made distinct in the song from the moment it becomes involved in the track. Something about the lyrics in this tune reminds me a bit of Lou Reed which works out in my favor as I am a fan. 

Throughout the album, Native Sun gives off a type of aggression that is very welcoming with the melody and lyrics mixed within. Big Succ(ess) starts with a great psychedelic vibe followed by a rough guitar opener and rough in a good way. The guitar riff will make any listener want to start head banging to this rock ‘n’ roll vibe being thrown down in this song. Towards the end of the song, listeners are given a fantastic solo of proper guitar shredding how it has always been meant to be which is raw. 

After more than likely feeling rowdy after the first three songs on this EP, Swoon is a more laid back tune but with caution. The reverb and the non-lexical vocables within this song really change the feeling from when the song first begins. The listener still receives the fun and catchy beats even in this toned down track.

Modern Music has the characteristics to assist in giving this song a feeling of a garage punk/rock type mood. The listener will feel a raw, aggressive, and energetic style of rock ‘n’ roll. One could say it will make you want to book tickets to a gig immediately. 

Native Sun’s EP Always Different, Always The Same truly gave me trouble throughout reviewing due to the fact of me wanting to look up future tour dates so that I could attend a gig. If only I had known them a little sooner, I would have planned my past recent trip to Brooklyn around this band!

Overall, I would definitely recommend listening to Native Sun’s new EP. As stated previously, I was impressed by this band within the first 0:28 seconds of the first track. 



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*** Reviewed and written by Brittany Shaw ***

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