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EP Review: ” One ” by Year of The Tiger

If you were anything like me and my friends back in high school we covered notebooks and binders with our favorite lyrics in different fonts and colors, maybe a sweet broken heart to add some flair.

Some of my favorite lyrics to cover my binders and even my chucks were the lyrics from Waking Ashland. Although I loved Sherwood they were always my happy music so they couldn’t fit in with all my sad lyrics-I had a reputation to hold about being a complete sad girl.

Since that time I have followed both groups and the groups, they eventually formed with other people and now I’m completely excited that they have combined together.

Year of the Tiger is an indie-pop duo featuring Jonathan from Waking Ashland and David from Sherwood.
They just released their first EP “One” and their first single, “Part Time Lover.”

I was excited to give their EP a listen, but was surprised by the sound. It gave me real MGMT and even a little Fever the Ghost vibes that I was not expecting. All the songs featured on “One” are upbeat and definitely a good road trip play that everyone will be happy with.

Sometimes it’s hard listening to a musician you loved that has changed their sound. It’s not what you expect and you almost yearn for that familiar sound but I have to say although I was looking forward to former sounds-Year Of The Tiger stand on their own and do it well. It wasn’t what I expected but it’s definitely the sound I’ve been missing and needing. I’m really excited to see where this duo goes and what else they come up with. This is an EP you HAVE to add to your playlist right now!

One is out now and you can listen to the full EP here

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