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EP Review: SLAVES “Revision”

SLAVES, a rock band from Sacramento, drops their new EP, Revision, January 18th. This new EP features 4 acoustic depictions of their most well-known singles and includes two (2) new tracks.


This group of gentlemen are comprised of:

Jonny Craig (Vocals)
Colin Viera (Bass)
Weston Richmond (Guitar)
Felipe Sanchez (Guitar)
Zack Baker (Drums)


This band, SLAVES, formed in 2014 and have been a force to reckon with in underground rock since then. Collectively the group has released three (3) albums, which includes, Beautiful Death, dropped last year in 2018.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Body on Fire
  2. I’d Rather See Your Star Explode
  3. True Colors
  4. The Pact
  5. Down For The Ride (feat. Jessie Abbey)
  6. My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls


Body On Fire is the first track on the EP, Revision, with a mellow vibe and a catchy tune it captures the listener’s attention. As it leads the listener into I’d Rather See Your Star Explode they will get a familiar feeling as they have more than likely heard this track before which they’re not wrong. The acoustic version of this song still gives the listener the ability to feel the passion that is delivered. It also sets the listener up for a more vulnerable feel on the struggle within a relationship.

True Colors comes in as the third track and also a familiar tune. The listener receives the truth behind the feeling of betrayal. To anyone who has been hurt, “Give me back the love I wasted now” is a statement that may strike a deep chord with you. The acoustic value of these songs are something to not be taken lightly. The acoustic truly gives these songs a raw and powerful understanding even when you thought that’s what the original track did.

The Pact, another known track, still shows off strength and bravery to work through obstacles when committed to the end goal. Down For The Ride is a treat in itself because not only is it a new track, but it also features Jessie Abbey. I am such a sucker for acoustic songs with a duo vocal set. So, I definitely appreciated Down For The Ride. Revision closes with My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls. Placing this track at the end of this EP was a great idea. Once the listener stops sobbing and gets their act together, My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls offers an upbeat tune compared to the other acoustic tracks. So once the listener finishes the album in its entirety… it’s like tears were never even shed.

Revision drops January 18th so be sure to check it out.

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