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EP Review: Yester Daze ‘Yours To Follow’

We love a good new music Friday here at Girls At The Rock Show and lucky for us, we have one coming up soon! The Montreal-based trio, Yester Daze, is dropping their newest EP Yours To Follow on Friday, February 26th. Let’s dive into this review now, shall we? 

Yours To Follow is a 4 track EP—each track is filled with high energy, rocking lyrics that will get you up on your feet and moving to the music. For only having 4 songs, each one brings its own powerful punch that is perfect for any music lover who loves to indulge in a band’s unique style. 

The perfect combination of pop rhythms and hardcore, rocking riffs makes this EP feel super fresh. I definitely dig Yester Daze’s unique vibes and styles—with inspiration from bands like the Foo Fighters, Muse, My Chemical Romance, and Royal Blood, you are bound to get something different yet oh so good. Awesome lyrics, sick guitar riffs, and the occasional slight scream, these tracks had me jamming out in my living room with every song on repeat. The band is definitely achieving their goal of “lighting it up” (especially with their song, “Light It Up”). 

So, make sure you put that reminder on your phone for February 26th to start streaming Yours To Follow as soon as it drops! You wouldn’t want it to be YesterDaze news ;). 

Check out the track list here: 

1. Beautiful Day 

2. Light It Up 

3. Backseat Bingo 

4. Otherside

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