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Exclusive First Look at Look At Where We Are Now, the second part in a series of four videos from Jeremy Pascal

We are back with the second installment of the four-part video series from the Viennese trio, Jeremy Pascal, which is leading up to their upcoming debut EP, Jeremy’s Life.

New single “Look At Where We Are Now” may just be this trio’s best work yet with sweet guitar licks, fuzzy vocals and a catchy chorus to sink into.  “Look At Where We Are Now” is essentially a Bonnie & Clyde style love story and details the reckless behavior of a teenage couple chasing thrills. They’re young and selfish and they hurt the people around them with their actions, but it’s exciting and thrilling every step of the way.

Contradictory to the storyline, the single has a sweet, summery vibe that’ll have you singing along after one listen. Vocalist Tino Romana shares, “The ‘ripping stars out of cars’ lyric is taken out of my life, as my ex-girlfriend and I used to steal the Mercedes stars off of cars and then leave little flowers in the remaining hole as an apology to the owner.” 

2019 saw a slew of releases from Jeremy Pascal. From their anti-love song “Valentine’s Day” to “Butterfly” and “Good Drugs,” Jeremy Pascal continues to deliver music that resonates on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. From shedding light on depression and drug use to broken hearts, the trio shares personal life experiences that elicit an emotional and human response. 

“Look At Where We Are Now” follows the release of the “Heart Scars” video (part one of their four-part video series), which was shot in a lo-fi, DIY style. The video features a couple on their first vacation together completely enamored by one another, but something is clearly off.  

On the series of videos, Jeremy Pascal explains the four parts – The Past, The Posing, The Pandemonium, and The Parting.  The first installment, “Heart Scars,” was shot with a lo-fi camera and DIY editing style to symbolize the past.  “Look At Where We Are Now” is a direct follow-up, and ultimately a representation of the demons of the past catching up with the couple.

In the video, you join the band and their friends at a gas station, everybody’s having fun. Afterward, they split up and Jeremy gets picked up by his girlfriend. As they are driving up a hill to have a quiet moment together, a big plot twist happens. 

The four-part series is pivotal to understanding the Jeremy’s Life EP – as they’re all interconnected. Be on the lookout for parts three and four! 
Jeremy Pascal has been making waves in the European market and is making their talent known worldwide. Through this new project, Jeremy Pascal – the alter ego of Tino Romana, Julian Propst, and Nico Winkler – serves as an emblem of creativity, ingenuity, but most importantly, survival. 

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