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Exclusive Premiere Moon Bounce Announces Sophomore full length “Skip Intro ” and releases first single ” Hook “

Following nearly three years of silence and a battle with anxiety disorder, producer, songwriter, and vocalist Corey Regensburg who goes by the moniker Moon Bounce has put the finishing touches on his much-anticipated sophomore full-length, entitled Skip Intro, which is set to drop 2/21.

After moving to Los Angeles, marrying his favorite rapper (Cape Town’s fiery Push Push) and signing with the legendary Domino Publishing, he’s been in the room with artists ranging from Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe to Janelle Kroll (singer for Big Data). Skip Intro does not shy away from difficult topics, bringing listeners into the darkness as Regensburg unabashedly confronts himself.  

The fact that Skip Intro dares to stomp (instead of tiptoe) around these touchy subjects is indicative of how big an achievement the record is. Proudly displaying a stark tattoo of “NOTHING” across his chest as translucent slime pours down his face, Regensburg has never seemed so in his element and so ready to persevere. After all, twists and turns have always been integral parts of the Moon Bounce universe.

Today he releases his new single Hook, a spikey electronic tune that is full of jittery icy synths that combine with dance music and Regensburg’s soulful vocals making up the genre that Regensburg likes to call Mutant Pop. Speaking about the single Corey had this to say

“Hook” emerged from a blossoming romance between my wife (rapper Push Push) and I. What started as a casual flirtation (she was visiting from South Africa, I had just moved to LA to live with Tommy Lee) quickly became full-blown infatuation.”

Moon Bounce’s signature sound is still intact and more pristine than ever; obtuse rhythms, helium-soaked vocals, and larger-than-life production create an immersive environment where lyrics like “please don’t blame me if I ask you to repeat what you just said, I was just imagining what it would be like to be dead” are repeated with a cheery disposition. You might want to laugh or you might want to cry but it’s this deadpan realism that makes Regensburg’s music so relatable and anything but one-dimensional.

Listen below:

01. Malm
02. Better Now
03. Time & Place
04. Hook
05. Friends In High Places
06. Marbles
07. Hundred Million Ways
08. Peel
09. What It Will Be Like
10. Parties

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