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Felix Sandman releases Middle Of Nowhere

Multi-talented Felix Sandman emerged from Sweden with a powerful voice and has risen to stratospheric heights ever since. Not only does he have over 80 + million streams, 2x Gold and 2x Platinum, he also has a leading role in the Netflix original show ‘Quicksand.

New track ‘Middle of Nowhere’ is a soulful tune with snappy verses that pull you seductively into an emotive falsetto chorus that cries with romantic surrender.

Elaborating on his new release, Sandman explains: “The inspiration for ‘Middle of Nowhere’ came from me finally finding happiness in life after a long time of not feeling it at all. The song is sort of bittersweet, where you have found love for someone but at the same time you are scared that you are moving too quickly, and you keep hoping that the person feels the same way that you do. It’s like, should I really say that, or should I not? You are stuck in some sort of limbo.”

Listen below:

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