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Finnish Outfit Pearly Drops pay homage to 80s new wave on Call For Help

Crafting soul-stirring pop dirges all the way from Helsinki, Pearly Drops is the moniker for Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin. The Finnish outfit just dropped their debut album Call For Help on November 20th

Concocting succinct compositional methods with dynamic synths and percussion; Pearly Drops have honed their musical talent to create a sound in which they hope will keep the internal desires alive and the implausible away.

Its title track is entrancing, an instantly memorable yet slightly abrasive pop tune that has all the trappings any Grimes fan will love. The band tells us… 

“For us ‘Call For Help’ is the key track to set the boldly sore tone of the full album. For us, it’s as if the narrative and the song itself couldn’t decide whether to be happy or not, to be pop or not, to stay or to vanish – it just needs your final attention. Musically it’s an ode to the new wave and post-punk of the late 70s and the 80s”

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