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5 Best: K. Flay

K. Flay is due to release her 3rd studio album on July 12th and it’s safe to say this is going to be one of many Solutions we all have been searching for. 

Giving us some sneak peaks over the months with a few single releases of songs that are going to be featured on the new album including “Bad Vibes” and “This Baby Don’t Cry”, we can already start to feel a sense that this will be an album that has strong empowering messages about love, life and positive attitude. K. Flay’s music style and specific vocals have always added a little extra spice to her songs that listeners can’t get enough of. She’s been keeping the energy up with her past album releases and continuing changes in her style and as we patiently await the release of this new album, we’ve compiled our 5 favorite K. Flay bops. 

5. One of the songs K. Flay recently dropped to get people fired up for Solutions is “Bad Vibes”. This is a song that talks about deleting the toxic people from your life and no longer allowing them to give you “Bad Vibes”. With no attempt at hiding her message, singing “beautiful trees outside, sky is a bright blue and you see storm clouds” essentially meaning, no matter the situation, these toxic people always find the negatives and always gotta bring the mood down. She’s so right though-who needs those people around? K. Flay definitely isn’t letting these types “bring her down” anymore. 

4. From her 2nd studio album Everywhere Is Somewhere probably comes one of the most known songs K. Flay has come out with. “Blood in the Cut” has been used in multiple different TV shows including: BoJack Horseman, The Bold Type and Scream Queens. This song just makes you feel like a strong bad ass—I find myself listening to this when trying to get pumped up at the gym or when I need a boost of confidence. However, looking past the awesome instrumental aspects of this song, the lyrics point out the need we as humans have to feel raw emotions as deeply as possible rather than pretending they don’t exist. It has the perfect balance of meaningful lyrics and strong instrumentals. 

3. “Make Me Fade” comes from K. Flay’s debut album Life as a Dog and it is definitely a personal favorite of mine. It’s an interesting twist on a love song by comparing her infatuation for someone to the feeling of fading, like the person she is singing about is her drug of choice. I think almost everyone can relate to this type of feeling and it hits hard when you realize they aren’t on the same level as you. K. Flay definitely hits all of those different feelings you have in this type of relationship and it’s a good example of her ability to put emotion into her songs. This is a great song to turn up when you’re feeling a little sad from a break-up. 

2. In her self-titled EP K. Flay lives her song “So Fast, So Maybe” which shows K. Flays rapping abilities and her original style. Fast-paced, upbeat, energetic and a song that for sure helped her breakthrough in the music industry while separating herself from others with her unique styles. Definitely a song for your pumped-up playlists. 

1. I don’t know how many people are with me on this, but my all time favorite song by K. Flay is from her 2nd album, Everywhere is Somewhere and it’s called “Giver”. With lyrics like “I’m learning to live, I’m trying to be better I’m learning to give but I don’t know if I’m a giver”, and “every day is another shot, but all I do is f*** is up. Screaming because I’ve got it too good to cry”. She talks about self-destructive coping mechanisms, bad habits and just the whole rollercoaster ride of learning from your mistakes and trying to be better. Feeling burnt out, feeling like a failure and everything in between. But in turn—sometimes life is just rough. I think this is my favorite because I relate to her words a lot and I think a lot of people can connect and relate to what she’s saying.

** written by Ashley Wayland **

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