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Four For Friday Featuring: Meyru, Crash Island, Suns Up,

Meyru ” She “

Meyru has released their newest single She perfecting their indie identity. The single is off their debut album Good To See You. Meyru explains, “‘She’ is the most honest track on the album. After hearing the guitar melody and chords that Steven (lead guitar) wrote, we spent hours playing the chords over and over because the lyrics kept coming so naturally…I think it means something very specific to a lot of different people that have heard it lyrically but it’s really the melody and the music that connects everyone to the feeling of letting someone or something you love go.”

Crash Island ” In The Distance “

London based Crash Island describes their sound as ” Dark Tropical ” kind of a dreamy punk at heart mix of music. After taking some time from live performances they are back to show us just what they have been doing with the release of a new single, In The Distance and an album by the same name. Having taken close to two years to make the album they felt the title fit well. The album features twelve new songs that feel dark brooding and anxious. In The Distance is the first ….

Suns Up ” Do What You Feel Like “

Sussex band Sun Up have released their new single Do What You Feel Like. The single is full of crisp guitars, dreamy vocals and towering hooks that remind us to embrace the present and not to be scared to take risks. Sun Up uses this same philosophy to keep them going in their careers and are calling on people to do what makes them happy. We like that!

Madame Psychosis ” Kapow “

Madame Psychosis’s new single Kapow is full of gritty spunk, it gives us blaring guitars, a driving drumbeat, and orotund vocals, add the infectious chorus into the mix and you have the perfect anthem for your weekend and beyond. Keep a lookout for Madame Psychosis’s sophomore album.

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