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Four For Friday Featuring New Music by Copper Box x Callum McIntyre, Running Lights, Dan Call, and La Dante

Copper Box x Callum McIntyre ” Fidelity “

Copperbox and Callum McIntyre have teamed up for their second single Fidelity. The song has dark sultry vocals that seem to match the mood of the song which is about a lover cheating. The instrumentation is low key indie-pop with a good danceable beat and plenty of thumping drums and wangy guitar playing

Running Lights ” Justice “

Justice is the 4th release and first of 2020 between New York-based Running Lights and multi-platinum producer Will Larsen and it is definitely a collaboration that works well. The single is highlighted by a funky danceable beat and a hella catchy chorus. This is the song we needed for the weekend.

Dan Call ” Intoxicating “

Intoxicating is the debut single by Dan Call, and from his album of the same name. The single is big on 70’s funk vibes, and 80s synth music, it is catchy, it has big hooks, it has singable lyrics, and a danceable beat, could we ask more from one song? I think not. From the first ” hooo hoooo ” you will be hooked. Put this one on your playlist and throw it on often.

La Dante ” The Only Ones “

La Dante is the musical creation of Philadelphia based artist Maxwell Perla. He just released his second single “The Only Ones” which was released on his own record label and production company Eraserhood Sound. La Dante has dubbed his style Synth & Soul, a sound founded on funky rhythms, and silky synthesizers. The style works well describing The Only Ones and its tough backbeat, soulful guitar work, and vintage synthesizers.

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