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Four For Friday featuring new music by Jake Elmendorf, Belau Band, Zebrah, and Tungz

Jake Elmendorf ” I’m My Own Fan “

Jake Elmendorf has released a new single ” I’m My Own Fan ” The low-fi ballad is about ” realizing and appreciating everything you are because everyone has a purpose.” A mantra we all need to heed.

Belau feat. Yasaquarius ” An Ocean With No Waves

Belau has released a new video for the single ” An Ocean With No Name “  ft. YASAQUARIUS. The song is a dreamy airy single while the accompanying video matches the feel of the song with light breezy imagery.

Zebrah “Dimension”

Zebrah is the artistic project of French-born, London based Pauline and Kevin, who have released a new single Dimension. The single is a beautiful, melancholic and powerful ballad about letting go.

Tungz ” Can’t We Just Be Friends Again “

The new single, ‘Can’t we just be Friends Again’ by Tungz has its origins story in the Apple Store, Cabot Circus, Bristol. The track itself is an open dialogue about wanting to snap back to being happy with someone you’ve only ever really been cool with before. The track throbs with the metallic clang of industry before capsizing under its own weight, giving rise to jazzy palm mutes and climbing twists of a modular synth. 

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