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Four For Friday featuring new music by John Dole, Solar Parachute, Dirty Laces, and Crystal Tides

John Dole ” Collective Thoughts “

Newcastle’s John Dole dropped a new single Collective Thoughts. Describing his sound as ” alternative rap ” he has melded together R&B, Electronica, and vocal rapping to create a smooth upbeat sound that rids itself of over-used formulas.

Solar Parachute ” Can’t Help Myself “

 Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Gaet Allard, who you will usually find behind the drums in bands such as Balinger, Stoptoii, and Perfect Line has released a new single titled Can’t Help Myself under his solo moniker Solar Parachute. The song is about the need to keep going, and the accompanying video was recorded on Allard’s daily run. The echoing vocals and spikey guitar riff drive you through to the song and gets your heart racing. Allard is in the process of recording a new album which he is hoping will drop sometime this fall.

Dirty Laces ” You “

In the spirit of some great ’70s, rock-n-roll Dirty Laces have released an epic new single titled You. The song, which clocks in at almost 7 minutes (probably the longest we have ever posted ) would find a perfect home on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack, with its slow smooth vocals that soar over mind tripping guitars. You is a step back to the age when sex, drugs, and rock and roll were at its finest, yet the song is fresh and relevant for today. We are loving it

Crystal Tides ” Monday “

Crystal Tides has released a new single Monday, a catchy indie-rock tune that will have you singing along as you quickly. Full of soaring vocals and epic guitar work, the band says the song is about ” the turning point in life where the band is starting to realize we are not as young as we used to be. We can’t keep going out like we used to but there’s an internal battle you have of ‘am too old for this?’ or ‘You only live once, why not?!’.Ultimately it’s about pushing aside the responsibilities of real-life and having fun”

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