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Four For Friday Featuring New Music By : LAIE, Furlong, Klara Hammarstrom, and Taylor B-W

LAIE ” Be Alright “

LAIE has released a dreamy new single titled Be Alright. The song which deals with the back and forth feelings of a long-distance relationship highlight hazy vocals that bounce over a background of soft electronic instrumentation. Be Alright is LAIE’s second single, and she is planning on four more before the year closes out.

Furlong ” Eloquently “

Aussie band Furlong has ripped a page out of their personal journal and is sending it public with a new single “Eloquently”. The new single pulls attitude from their heavy grunge-influenced hearts and drags it right into modern times with hard-hitting arrangements and unflinching lyrics.

Klara Hammarström ” You Should Know Me Better “

Swedish pop singer Klara Hammarstrom has released a new single titled You Should Know Me Better. The single is her second release, but the first song she wrote, and while the lyrics deal with loving yourself after a relationship has come to an end, the melody is catchy and you will be singing along in no time.

Taylor B-W ” Be Mine “

Sydney’s Taylor B-W has released her newest track Be Mine. The single has a smooth beat and catchy melody, but don’t be fooled about the fun of the song, it has some gloomy lyrics, about feeling hopeless about encountering real organic relationships in days where dating apps are so popular, but Taylor B-W delivers them at ease with her sultry vocals.

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