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Four For Friday Featuring: Sonic, Mating Ritual, Francisco, and Tribe Friday

Sonic ” Summer Magic “

Columbia’s Sonic’s songs try to represent the entire panorama of rock music, what they refer to as New Vintage Alternative, incorporating retro sounds of the rock eras of the 70s, 80s, and 90s with the modern sounds of today. Their newest single Summer Magic is their most ambitious pop song to date with shimmering guitars and a sing-along chorus that will take you into the hot nights of summer.

Mating Rituals ” Boys Dont Have To Be Boys “

Big shout out to brothers Ryan and Taylor Marshall aka Mating Ritual for taking on toxic masculinity in their new single Boys Don’t Have To Be Boys. The song lets the world know that violence does not make you a man. Boy’s Don’t Have To Be Boy’s is off Mating Rituals recently released third album Hot Content. Grab your copy today, it is full of synth driven danceable fun.

Franciso ” I’ll Be Over You In The Morning “

Francisco was born in Buenos Aires but raised in Northampton, he is an English thinking Latino that grew up on Maradona, Tango, Jazz, and Sheryl Crow. His new single I’ll Be Over You In The Morning is a sultry sexy song highlighting Francisco’s vocals and a super soulful vibe. This is the second single release of what Franciso hopes will be 6 by the end of the year.

Tribe Friday ” Sixteen Minutes “

Sweden’s Tribe Friday have released their third single this year, Sixteen Minutes. If you are a fan of early Kooks, you will love this band. Sixteen Minutes is pure pop heaven, how it should be done, with loads of jingly screeching guitars, upbeat and fun melodies. Forget your troubles today, and sing along with Sixteen Minutes, you will feel better in no time.

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