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Four For Fridays featuring new music by: Zachary Knowles, Strange Heart, Pacific, and Marsicans

Zachary Knowles ” ghost “

Texas-bred songwriter/instrumentalist Zachary Knowles has released a new single titled ghost. Knowles puts a personal aspect into his pop music by writing about his feelings and showing emotion in is music. Along with that he also mixed in his smooth and magnetic vocals, and an endearing guitar melody, making ghost a future classic.

Strange Heart ” Enemy “

Enemy by Strange Heart takes on mental illness, family and taking a close look at yourself in the mirror. Soft vocals are the highlight of this emotion-filled song for us and of course the lyrics. We applaud anyone willing to bring mental illness to the forefront.

Pacific ” Idols “

Kicking off the new year with a new song, UK’s Pacific have released Idols which talks about the timeless struggle to never compromise in order to get to where you’ve always wanted to be. The song comes in strong with loads of power chords, a dominating bassline, and soaring anthemic vocals.

Marsicans ” Can I Stay Here Forever Pt 2

Tipped by The Guardian as one of their Best 50 new bands of 2020 the UKs Marsicans ( you pronounce it MAR-sick-ans) have released their latest single Can I Stay Here Forever Pt 2. The song is heavy on rich vocals, heart-pounding drums, and bold guitar playing. It is a must for your weekend playlist. But play it loud, it is meant to be heard.

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