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Four Stars release new single and video for Alacrity

Chicago trio Four Stars, who originally went by the monikerTougher Than You Thought have released a new music video for Alacrity, which is the first single from their upcoming EP Headspace.

The track which is about coming face to face with the problems you have and overcoming them not only has a pop-punk sound, it is tinged with emo ( Say no more, those are our favorites ) It is a shout out to those who are trying to survive at all costs.

Vocalist and guitar player Aida Ahmed tells us about the song:

When this song was being written, the news was playing in the background and it was hurricane season at the timeThe entire southeast coast of the country was being battered by hurricanes and I thought it would’ve weakened the people, but I was wrong. The people of those communities came together to weather the storms, and rebuild after the destruction. The lyrics were inspired by the champion spirit of those people, that we now try to carry with us in our band.

Headspace will be released everywhere on February 29th

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