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Garrett Kato teams up with Julia Stone and releases a new single ” Breathe It In “

Australian based ( he was born in Canada ) singer-songwriter Garrett Kato has teamed up with one of my favorite singers Julia Stone of Julia and Angus Stone fame to release a new single Breathe It In. The single which was co-written with Julia is off Kato’s forthcoming s.hemisphere EP, which is set to drop March 6 via Nettwerk.

The song is both beautiful and melancholic, as is the accompanying video, but the highlight for me is the vocals, which blend effortlessly together.

Here is what Garrett has to say about Breathe It In:

This song is about meeting someone when you’re messed up. Julia and I were total strangers the first day of writing, so we spent a lot of time getting to know each other. We both were in what seemed like transitional periods of our lives. Me being a new father and her balancing some normality with an ever-changing life on the road. The song was born out of some old and new stories we’d been harboring for some time and they came to life in this song.”

Watch below:

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