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Genevieve Stokes releases latest single Lonely and Bored

Genevieve Stokes shares her latest single “Lonely and Bored.” A blueprint for her forthcoming debut EP, “Lonely and Bored” takes on a melancholic approach and explores feelings of dissociation with our surrounding world. On the sonic front, the song encapsulates absorbent energy, providing a warm, lo-fi pop ether that’s exceptional and soul-stirring. 

Genevieve Stokes says this of her single: “I’ve struggled with derealization and depersonalization for a couple of years now. Often I find it hard to stay grounded in reality. It can be very isolating, but luckily it gets easier to manage over time. ‘Lonely and Bored’ is about a time in my life when I felt particularly disconnected from the world around me and my own emotions. I think a lot of people have experienced this sense of detachment, and hopefully this song helps them feel less alone.”

Genevieve Stokes’ upcoming debut EP, out this summer, is a bold collection of songs conceived initially as part of a senior year project and marks the kick-off of a fresh and triumphant new force in music. 
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