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Gently Tender release Video For ” Some Hard Advice “

We knew the moment we heard the first vocals on Some Hard Advice by Gently Tender that it included Sam Fryer from Palma Violets, we had spent many hours listening to the now-defunct bands two albums, not to mention seeing them live a few times and knew his distinctive deep voice. What we didn’t know was that the band also included former band members Pete Mayhew and Will Doyle, along with friends Celia Archer and Adam Brown.

The band took their name from a single by The Incredible String Band, and the formation of the band has been a form of self-discovery for the former Palma Violets members, letting them see what they could achieve by making more ambitious music.

The new single Some Hard Advice is about that moment of realization, the thought of dying without your loved one. Sam honed in on the idea while reading an article about the recent time Hawaii went into crisis mode when receiving an accidental text message that a missile was headed their way and they should take cover.

The accompanying video is completely self-directed, a first for the band, and is a stripped down performance video that showcases the song, its vocals and the performances of the band.

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