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Get To Know All About Television Supervision In Our New Interview , Plus Listen to ” Gimme Me A Girl “

Over the busy holiday we had a bit of a chat with Television Supervision’s leadman Brett Zitzelberg, about all things Televison Supervision, Blink 182, Green Day, Pizza…you know the usual!…


Tell our readers who you are, where you are from, shit like that….

Brett Zitzelberg- Vocals, Guitar (Dunedin)

Zach Grant- Bass, Vocals (Tarpon Springs)

                        Cody Rains- Drums (Zephryhills)

How did the band form?

-Zach and I met a decade ago in high school. I was a Senior and he was a Freshman. He was actually skipping class and I was in the school’s music room playing a Blink song. Zach walked up to me with his bass, sat down and plugged in. I was like “uhh hey? Do you know this song?” he simply nodded. he didn’t say a thing. We started rocking. The song was Anthem Pt. II.

-We met Cody while at a show at Uncle Lou’s in Orlando. *ahem* If its meant to be, it’ll be, it’ll be, baby if it’s meant to be.

And your name? How did you pick it? Was this the first name you went with
or did you have some other choices you’d like to share with us?

-We actually began with the name “Accident”, transitioned to “Officer Down!” and then finally settled on “Television Supervision”. I wanted a name with a cadence and relevance. I was also thinking of superheroes during the time, so “supervision” actually had a different association with it originally. Good luck unseeing that, I can’t.

-Other names we considered but were in some compacity taken: Liftoff! and Moneyshot! We like exclamation points.

–DISCLAIMER–to the bands that steal these names I WANT 20% ROYALTIES.

We crept your facebook, and read your list of influences. Most of them are
Punk Bands, what drew you to this genre of music?

-The energy, catchiness, and most importantly, authenticity– Which is totally an afterthought today.

Do you think being punk is more an attitude or a fashion statement?

-An attitude for sure. Just do you- simple.

What is the very first album or CD that you purchased?

-My mom actually bought me Enema of the State when I was in third grade. I wanted to bring it to school…she told me “only play ‘all the small things'” I did not only play “all the small things”

What is the very first song you remember hearing?

-Either “Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots or “Last Dance with Mary Jane” by Tom Petty… not a coincidence that these are two of my favorite songs

Did your parents play a part in your musical interests? In other words,
did they themselves play instruments or listen to a lot of music around
the house?

-For sure! I grew up on riding in my dad’s cars while he tore up the roads blaring rock music. My mom loves 80’s music. I would stay up late with my dad watching music videos on VH1, MTV, Fuse, etc and still do this with him today from time to time. I listen to all kinds of music from different eras because of them. A lot of what I write is aimed at wanting the listener to roll the windows down and not cruise but shred some tire.

What is your favorite pizza topping?

-sausage, pepperoni, and ricotta **mouth waters uncontrollably**

Vans or Converse?

-Vans. Viva la Warped!

Blink 182 or Greenday?

-Though I love Blink and it’s the reason Zach and I met, I’m going Green Day. Any band that has kept their same lineup for 30 years and still puts out bangers has my love. **and yes I am aware that Tre’ was not the original drummer**

Best album of 2018?

-To be honest I can’t pick one. 2018 is a perfect reminder that the world needs more artists/bands that care about what they put out. Desperately.

How important is social media to a band? Do you feel it gets less important
as you grow?

-I think it’s ultra-important today. You can’t escape it as it has totally engulfed the everyday life of the average person. You have to invest yourself in it like a full-time job if you want to stand out in an over-saturated market and it’s tough because SO many people want the same thing! Our goal is just to have the one set of ears and one set of eyes we need to come across us.

-As far as importance- as we’ve grown I feel like it’s actually gained more significance. We have been able to reach out to so many people of so many backgrounds (which I suppose is the point of social media) and it’s been a really neat experience. These people from around the world I talk to every day, sharing videos of themselves covering the one song we’ve made available, going into malls and putting our videos on repeat for the public…it’s been really cool (for lack of a better word)

Have you ever met one of your musical idols?

-nope! I like to think that day is on its’ way.

At what point in your music journey do you stop and look at each
other and say ” We made it”?

-touring internationally and making enough to eat and sleep.

What does 2019 hold for Television Supervision?

-Our debut album, “Waldo”, is finished and will drop in the early part of the year with a full-on army of shows to pound the songs into your head.

We do not think you should be embarrassed by any music you listen to, but
we all know we have that ONE song we wouldn’t whip out at a party, what
is yours?
-Well, the vast majority of the parties we go to are at the Country Kitchen Buffet down Costello Avenue. A lot of Old Timers but they know how to throw down and the competition to seal the deal is more up to our speed. With that said I would play Dance in the Dark by Lady Gaga. But even then I would rage to it and not give AF about it.

-major points to whoever gets the Country Kitchen Buffet reference. I have faith you!

Give our readers some parting words…

-(Insert cliche’ band statements about how the upcoming year is our year and how we can’t wait to rock with you at 30 people in attendance “shows”, obscure promises and blah blah)

-NAH! Look. Are you looking? Yes?? Good. Our long-awaited debut is coming. We are excited to finally give those who have been with us what they deserve. The response to our debut track “Gimme a Girl” and its’ video (People love Stranger Things and seeing us dressed as Elle and Billy!!) has been nothing but overwhelmingly positive and that just makes us want to release the album more. We are really proud of what we laid down and the diversity/parity between the tracks. For every person that listens to “Waldo” we are confident that you will love at least one of the songs…and hey if it motivates you to pick up an instrument and start writing, to put your headphones on blast for hours, or turn the knobs to ELEVEN and jam in the garage then we did our job.

Bonus***** you don’t have to use this I just thought I’d share!

I write a lot of my songs from the ups and downs of my faith with God. I try to be relatable to the normal person and I think if you struggle in your faith it’s more than ok and people should be encouraged to be honest about it. Honesty breeds growth. So, I wrote Gimme a Girl while at a wedding. I had separated myself from a really long and unhealthy relationship and I had gone to like four weddings that same year. I was happy for my friends, really, but I was so sick of not being with who God had for me and seeing others having what I wanted to bother me around the start of the third wedding lol So I envisioned the perfect girl and wrote a song about both who she would be and how aggravated I was with where I was in life.


Listen to Television Supervision’s newest single Gimme A Girl...and keep a look out for their debut album, Waldo, coming early 2019


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